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diamond promos


Who wouldve thunk in Season 6 that the legendary Tasder would be excited about Diamond promos. But here I am. Can’t reach challenger unless you can reach diamond.

Stay tuned for more updates on the xLift weekend giveaway!

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Role Wide Tips

They’re a few things every league player should be doing to optimize their game. As stuff comes to mind I will list them here. Feel free to offer your tip in the comments section.

Ok, when you back, walk to the edge of the fountain (known). Additionally what every league player should be doing is leaving base without full mana. Some champs have higher mana regen stats than others. You get really great base buys/refreshes this way.

Even with supports like Janna you should try to use your autos either to trade or to control the wave. Especially early game lvl 2 rush or when your adc goes in for a trade.

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P4 to P1 in 1 Week- ADC Tricks

So here’s how I did it.  You’re not gonna like it, but guaranteed you will become super consistent and improve your overall skill this way. I recently remembered one of my old builds and quickly got back to P1 after a short slump to P5.

Try this. Boots Statik Shyv  into either (Infinity Edge or Essence Reaver). For champs like Caitlyn, Vayne. (I dont recommend Vayne right now due to my losing first turret gold too often, however she still feels good).

Boots Runaans Hurricane into either (Infinity Edge or Essence Reaver) – Xayah

Pros: Great at dueling. Encourages great farm and long term focus. Superb lane control. Super safe and snowbally. (Balanced Gold Value.- This means you wont have all your gold in damage and lack the dueling power as and ms offer.) Boots BF Zeal work as well but its not as hyper. These builds make cull viable.

Cons: Low AD, and you may miss a few more cs early. Your skills won’t benefit from ad scaling.

Hints: If you prefer get 1 or two ad blades to assist in farming on the first back, with 1100 farm. Make SURE to rush the fully completed boots.

Why this works? – It works because of the concept of gold value. You spend less gold on ad but more on attack move speed and crit. Those 3 stats are better than all the gold spent on flat ad. You take turrets faster, get out of sticky situations easier and generally micro and auto attack smoother throughout the game. It feels good, even from behind, and that’s important!

Super Tip: Skip Dorans and run boots and 4 pots on Kog, into Hurricane. You will vastly outscale. (Request Janna/Karma/Lulu and let them know you’re running the xLift -build).

Comment and let me know how many ranks you’ve climbed with one of my secret builds.

Happy xLifting!


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Weekend RP Giveaway.

There will be 2 draws this weekend. Since last weeks winner didn’t contact me before the following Wednesday. Just a reminder guys that as long as you have been announced as winner, it is your job to post your (NA) in-game name, or contact me via the contact page. GL winning this weekend and happy xLifting!

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1380RP Weekly Giveaway

For this weekend’s giveaway, new followers, or those who make a useful comment on or about any post this week get entered into the Weekly Giveaway. Those who didn’t win this week are auto entered into next weekend’s giveaway. Those who won this week must comment on any post or page to be reentered!

Good luck!


  • Must Claim this weekend’s reward by Wednesday March 7th.
  • Must be from NA server (for now).
  • All donations gain additional entries equal to the amount of the donation, plus any benefits listed on the Join xLift  page.
  • Finally, the last rule is that anything else I didn’t think of that makes sense for me applies.


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1380 RP Winner Announcement.

The winner of this week’s 1380 rp goes to Jovz Alleyne. Jovz was randomly chosen on stream at I will leave that video up. Everyone else but the winner gets automatically entered into next week’s giveaway.

Winners will have to re-enter by following next week’s giveaway game. (They’re always easy).

Jovz please contact me to redeem your winnings. If I cannot get in contact with you for your ign by Wednesday  02/28 a redraw between the others will take place then. 

Thanks for following guys and look forward to better info, rewards and opportunities from Team xLIFT

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1380RP weekend giveaway.

Only 2 people commented on last weeks giveaway post making it really easy to pick 1 person for the 1380 RP giveaway.  Last week’s winner was 1123578 for his comment as @lee_btw. This week’s winner is for followers only. 1 random follower takes this weekend’s 1380 RP. Winner will be announced on stream. So hit that follow button and happy xLifting!

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Lol RP giveaway weekend!

TLDR: Give-away rules at the end of post.

So… anyways… I’ve been thinking about how to promote my content and for now I’ve settled on rewards for followers. Why? Because followers are supporting the Lol community and that’s just plain cool. I’m still wondering if to start with something trivial and LoL related like an rp giveaway or if to go with something more legendary like an LoL poster or item.

I want that in addition to having quality content and relevant in-game information, that I can eventually dish out great rewards for those of you who stick around to make this new community happen. Pretty cool huh? Additionally, all ideas and constructive criticism will be put to good use, so don’t hold back! Now to start…

xLift will be gifting: two (2) $10 rp cards or in game skins up to $10 rp to followers as follows.

1st rp giveaway goes to what I vote as the best comment on this post by 2/17/18. (Yeah this weekend.) Or by 2/24/18 latest (next weekend) by my discretion, based solely on if enough comments have been made.

2nd rp giveaway starts at 15 followers to 1 follower chosen at random, possibly on stream. 1 entry for a follow and 2 for a follow and comment. (You have good odds).

Extra Rules:

  • For these promotions, winners can only win once to give more chances to everyone.
  • Winners must be on NA server and give me their ign. Winners IGN will be announced.
  • Winners have 7 days to contact me or I will redraw and contact the new winner. Basically i dont want to try to hard to get you your winnings.
  • 1 Submitted comment per person. (Lol)
  • Anything I didn’t think of that really makes sense for me. (Lol)