Who wouldve thunk in Season 6 that the legendary Tasder would be excited about Diamond promos. But here I am. Can’t reach challenger unless you can reach diamond. Stay tuned for more updates on the xLift weekend giveaway!

Role Wide Tips

They’re a few things every league player should be doing to optimize their game. As stuff comes to mind I will list them here. Feel free to offer your tip in the comments section. Ok, when you back, walk to the edge of the fountain (known). Additionally what every league player should be doing is… Read More

Weekend RP Giveaway.

There will be 2 draws this weekend. Since last weeks winner didn’t contact me before the following Wednesday. Just a reminder guys that as long as you have been announced as winner, it is your job to post your (NA) in-game name, or contact me via the contact page. GL winning this weekend and happy… Read More