Updated 2/9/18

When I return to D3, I will be scouting a high elo xLift Team.
I will be giving those who support xLift with a donation of 5$ or more access to the xLift in tag. Please bear it in mind that atm I am 1 person and spots are naturally limited. Anyone who completes a 5$ or more donation will also have priority in joining the xLift management team as they show committment to our success. Atm all spots are open but in the future spots will be limited as we may experience quick growth over time.

All donations support xlift, and the LoL gaming community. What this means is better giveaways and content for everyone. How donations are spent will be listed here.

You can also contact xlift about assisting with your particular skillset. Either for free or for compensation! Give it a shot.

Thanks for dropping by!