I’ll use this page for personal proof of my highest ranking achieved. I’m guessing it’s also interesting for you to see where my hard work put me and helps you to see that my climb is your climb.

So first up I found this graph on op.gg for Season 6 putting me up to Diamond 3 before the decay began. That’s as much proof as I could find of once being a decent player, before returning and losing just about every game. My absolute closest to hitting master was Diamond 2 0lp.

proof of diamond

Anyways… so this was either around or on my diamond promos earlier this season before I tilted back to 0lp p5 =/. {Happens to the worst of us :^) } That’s a net loss of about 25 games. It’s sad to see here I had jax jungle as i dont play jax ever unless I’m tilted and looking for something new to carry with. I definitely threw this one and wasnt tilted, more like overconfident, my greatest downfall.

a gold among us diamonds

June 2017–  Peak

peak elo june 2015

May 2017- Peak Elo