ADC Build Theory

Specifically for Marksman

When buying items from the in game store you want to be conscious of a few critical stats adcs need to become overpowered. It might seem obvious but it’s a very overlooked concept. Adcs are at their peak when they have a great values for: Crit, Attack speed, Lifesteal, Movespeed and Attack damage. The most important stats for the early game are Lifesteal, AD, AS Crit followed  by MS.

Off-Meta Build Theory crafting.

This post aims to cover my off meta builds as well as well as meta builds. It also touches on build crafting by explaining adc build concepts and requirements. I will go through specific builds for the adcs I play namely: Lucian, Vayne, Tristana, Ezreal, Caitlyn, Xayah.


Scenario: This was a close game where we had just taken baron and grouped 5 mid. The Caitlyn was being really annoying with her trap defence. Our Viktor and Fiora had just given up on breaking mid and Vik left for top and Fiora for bot. With this off-meta build I was able to keep pressure mid and actually break the mid turret. Special thanks to my duo lulu and those 2 elemental drags!

Build: Essence Reaver -> Lucidity -> Rapid Fire Cannon -> Botrk -> Frozen Mallet

Note how it took about 50 seconds to solo with inefficient micro. This is important to note as late game timers are often around or more than a minute. Sometimes you’ll need to make a split second decision to solo baron or shove mid and take a turret if you’re the last man standing. Very tanky very strong build. I’ve solod many op Syndra players with this one.

Build Concept: 40% Cooldown reduction with Blade of the ruined king,  frozen mallet and Bloodthirster for an adc that sustains as much damage as he pumps out in every skill rotation. The build order is variable either rushing the 40% or the more meta Botrk. You can also build the frozen mallet before the botrk if the game requires.

Cons with the botrk rush: It takes too long to hit 40% cdr for those essential teamfight skill rotations. After botrk you really want to follow the mentioned build but there’s absolutely zero synergy between boots of lucidity and botrk. You have to take Berserkers Greaves or Ninja Tabi for boots as botrk scales better with more attack speed or more survivability. The alternative late game build to reach 40% cdr with Berserkers (attack speed boots) is to swap last item Bloodthirster for Deaths dance which is a really fun item especially against the likes of late game Kassadin and Syndra!

Cons with Essence reaver rush: requires careful play early as some heavy poke-sustain bot lanes can push you out of lane. Survivability and dueling potential decreases against certain mid lane assasins.