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My Tier List

My top 3 adcs in preseason are

The mastery trees for adc are divided into burst damage damage trades and plays with Domination and Sudden _Impact or consistent damage per second with Precision and Lethal Tempo with Coup De Grace. They offer the best stats for applying damage as an adc.


Ashe really benefits from the attack speed boost and pretty sure true damage from cheapshot stacks up.

Lucian is really good with Sudden Impact and Electrocute.

Eyeball is a necessity for all carries.


For Adcs with domination, you want to go: Electrocute |Sudden_Impact |Eyeball_Collection |Ravenous_Hunter 

For Adcs with Precision, you want to go: Precision: Lethal Tempo |Over Heal |Bloodline |Coup De Grace  

So here’s how my tier list starts based on play strength.

  1. Ezreal: Domination: Electrocute |Sudden_Impact |Eyeball_Collection |Ravenous_Hunter && Precision: Bloodline |Coup De Grace
  2. Lucian- Domination: Electrocute |Sudden_Impact |Eyeball_Collection |Ravenous_Hunter  && Precision: Bloodline |Coup De Grace
  3. Ashe- Precision: Lethal Tempo |Over Heal |Bloodline |Coup De Grace  && Domination |Eyeball |Cheapshot