My support secrets

Ok this page will attempt to cover the most basic strategies I employ to climb with support. Generally they will be very simple and wont suit everyone but for those who use my strategies, you’re sure to win some LP.


My choice of support over S6 and S7 have been limited to ranged defensive supports. To me, the most important supports to cover are Janna, Nami, Not AP-Morgana* and Soraka. Why? These champions do not take a lot of games to master and are essentially true to their role.

When playing seriously, and in order to climb at support I do 3 things.

  1. Build the core support items for 45% cdr and the best choice from each: Nomads Medallion, Forbidden idol, Boots of Lucidity, and Glacial Shroud.
  2. Avoid all deaths- All careless play must come to an end. If you die it must be to the 4 or 5 man dive bot.
  3. Save lives!- A good support must make the laning phase as playable as possible and must always deny the enemy team gold.
  4. Uhhh anyone noted how I said nothing about sightstone? Well believe it or not, its not absolutely necessary every game in soloq. In fact, most games you can get away with a blue trinket and pinks. Don’t believe me? Head over to and check out my history. I DONT BUILD SIGHTSTONE. When evaluating if sightstone is necessary or not, you’ll have to think about quite a few things which I will note later.

With just these 4 tips one can within a few games and with a few champs be on the path to escaping elo hell! I will be back to cover some important details but am currently pressed for time. This is a legitimate strategy that will get you climbing in a few games. You can always add me to ask questions or let me know how it goes. In game name: xliftredsaturn. Until next time, “Best of luck on the fields of justice!”.