My Support Style

Updated Wednesday 2/12 2018

This page will cover the most basic strategies I use to climb as a support main. From time to time my support strategies will be updated as different strategies work better at different elos truly, however, I’ll try to make special mention of such things. Feel free to criticize anything I say as it’s strictly personal opinion. For those of you looking to climb however, it just might help you out.

My personal opinion of this meta is that it favors ranged defensive supports. To me, the most important supports to master from this category are Janna and Lulu. These two aren’t very difficult, do not take a lot of games to master and are usually very (annoying) effective.

When playing seriously, and in order to climb at support I do 3 things.

  1. Build: Find the best support items for a max cool-down reduction rush. Followed by the best support class defensive items such as aegis followed by something like Randuins. This works  because max cool-down reduction on any support makes them naturally more efficient. Leona for example has about a 34 second ult at 40% cool-down reduction late game… Pretty ridiculous actually.
  2. Avoid careless deaths: Pretty obvious right. Start off by playing your safest game and slowly work your unique play-style into each game. If you die it should be to a dive, strong enemy team-play or for something worthwhile. After which you can type “worth” and feel better.
  3. Stay focused: A good support must make the laning phase as playable as possible for their marksman. Your job is to think ahead. Focus on lane control. Think about stuff like where you want the wave to stay for your marksman or about where the enemy jungler will show up next. Take stopwatch. This is a stopwatch meta, an invaluable tool which effectively wins your team 1 fight.
  4. Find your carry: There’s often one player on your team with a good chance of carrying the mid or the late game. Be there for that person.