(Last update Nov 9th, 2017)

Mostly in game footage of what to expect from me as a  teammate. Each Video will have a title as an over view of the content.

PENTA for penta vids.

Quadra for quadra vids.

Clean for a near perfectly played scenario.

Highlight for ordinary highlight moments.

Shoutout for players who were in the game.

FUNNY– for hilarious bad or hilarious good plays almost missed.



Penta- Legit penta! Shoutout yichi, Dankest Memeist, Supreme NYC, spookers.

Clean- mokusaturn‘d

Clean- Here’s a warning. It’s a trap!

Clean- More traps.

Clean- mokusaturn‘d

Clean- mokusaturn’d

Shoutout- nocureforfoolsNA

Shoutout- pikachoreo

Clean- The guns have arrived!



Highlight- Baron defence. Game was going downhill pretty quickly.

FUNNY- Basically chogath said no. Shoutout- Gypsy9092 *

Clean?- Last stand, last play of the game.

Clean- Clutch flash in the laning.

Highlights- Glory in defeat!

Highlights- 2v2 heat.

Highlights- Hold my beer!

Highlights- Keeping it hyphe!

Highlight- The Lightslinger


Highlight- Just another Lucian day.


Quadra- 11 min quadra.


Highlight- This is me doing real work on Vayne to win a game of LoL. Side not, where the zed actually go?


Quadra- Wasnt going for a penta, just pumping out dps, heres my lucian “penna”.

Shoutout- mokumoku


Clean- This is when you reach “god” status and engage on the fed fizz! Someone on my team said “WOW”.


Shoutout- mokumoku


Clean- Vayne vs fed Pantheon and Thresh. I just hit ult q through his stun animation for a clean 1v2 to end the game.


Highlight– Trying to carry from plat with nami. (Still lost)


Clean- Some “ex d3” nami play. (Still lost)


Highlight- Tristana vs lucian and a draven ult >.<


Highlight- Tristana “1v2” lucian and draven. Why are there 3 adcs in 1 game??


Highlight- Here’s me doing Vi things.


Clean- 1v2 build- Story: I couldnt solo vayne on lane so i baited her and made an epic 1v3!



PENTA- Here’s me popping off with a Vi.



Highlight- For this one we had just killed Lucian and came over to clean up Zac and Talon 4v2.



Highlight- This here is what happens when you rush sheen and revolver with (thunderlords), don’t die in the laning and get umm maybe a kill or 2.



Clean- These 3 clips are my dank Janna skills that got me to Diamond 2 in S6 sup/ad.


Clean- Bae, Janna






Shoutout- ThreshPrinceKR


Shoutout- ThreshPrinceKR

So I had just just died like a boosted bonobo. But ThreshPrinceKR was here to reassure me that it still wasn’t that difficult.


FUNNY- Here’s a cool trick for outplaying blue buff when you get no leash or when you… forget to switch summoners before game starts.