Efficient Empires

Sunday June 04 2017 – Forgotten3 – Merge details.

Here’s what I propose. Since we love Fg3 and she works really hard at making things better, let Fg3 organise the merge under similar terms as I mentioned. These terms maintain the entire EE squad and their duties, roles and responsibilities under the new assumed guild. FG3 must have complete rights so she can call the shots as if she was here and be certain everyone gets across and safely. EE will go on pause status and I will stay in EE for 1 or 2 weeks until we are certain that everything has gone well.  In the event of a failed merge, the entirety of our active guild has an option to return. I believe this would be the first and greatest merge ever conducted on FOE and we can make history with a little effort. I’m certain it will work out fine and when it does we will have truly immortalised EE as the greatest guild unit ever!