Weekend Climb. I Love League Of Legends!!!

Hey guy’s I’ll be playing/climbing quite a bit this weekend on one of these accounts: xliftredsaturn (sup), Dc Tasder (adc/jg). Looking for players dedicated to learning and climbing the solo/duo-q ladders. We can try out in a normal game or head straight to ranked if we are confident in our ability to do well. So hit me up and

Best of luck on the fields of justice!

xLIFT Redsaturn

P.S. Anyone who wants to help me make featured tag images (like the riot sejuani artwork), display their league art or help with site content. Let me know ASAP.

Author: xliftredsaturn

LoL player that grew up on the island of Barbados. Peak elo in Season 6 and all time high was D2 0LP playing support. Prefer and still play more adc however RIP.

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