Importance of DuoQ

Duoq is one of those things in league that are troublesome in nature but must be mastered. Many high elo players have dedicated duoqs, players they trust, players committed to winning or players that suit their playstyle. It’s a little troublesome at first finding good duos as everyone you play with is different and some people don’t seem to fit your playstyle. Generally though, as a support main you need to find duos who play high win rate adcs and are committed to being a dedicated duo as well as to serious climbing. As an adc main you need to find a support main that suits your playstyle (either peels or buffs/empowers you really well). As a jungle main, focus on finding consistent players who are meta slaves or play high win rate champions.

Remember, normal games and secondary accounts are best used for testing champions and strategies, having fun or distressing. Do not practice or distress on your main account. Additionally, playing with any excess emotions will inevitably affect your ranked climb. Try to be emotionally neutral and rational, focused and serious when making that push to the top 2%.

Author: xliftredsaturn

LoL player that grew up on the island of Barbados. Peak elo in Season 6 and all time high was D2 0LP playing support. Prefer and still play more adc however RIP.

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