To upcoming LoL streamers and artist!

Before my next post I just want to quickly mention that if you are an upcoming streamer with a stream schedule, I can place your link on my page with the requirement that I get a shoutout or link on your stream. This will be possible as long as I have space/time and will be much easier if you just add me and message me as I can also come hangout on your stream! IGN: farming farming

Additionally if you have personal artwork that you’d like me to display instead of Riot Games’ Sejuani artwork, be sure to leave a comment, add me or use the contact me page.

Now onto role specific tips starting with a few of my top tips, tricks and thoughts as an ADC main!


Author: xliftredsaturn

LoL player that grew up on the island of Barbados. Peak elo in Season 6 and all time high was D2 0LP playing support. Prefer and still play more adc however RIP.

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