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LoL Champion Select

Ok so we all know boosting services help to ruin the league experience by putting inexperienced players among more experienced players. As the boosted player you’re happy the big bucks finally paid off and now you got that sweet new rank and border for the next season, but playing on the account is now pretty scary as you’re doing really badly every game and somehow everyone seems to know you’re boosted. Well that’s why I’m here, to help you get that higher rank yourself. I am primarily a Marksman main but these secrets, some of which may seem obvious are perfectly helpful in any role. So lets hop right into it while you sit in that league game queue!

champion-select-e1496074549181.png So we’re here at champ select. Yes believe it or not the game starts right here. This is a point of frustration for some players trying to focus on a specific role and champ but be very aware that any frustration you feel or cause in champ select will affect you and your team’s focus and performance in game. As a league player one must accept that  you won’t always get your preferred role or champion, and this might seem obvious but needs be mentioned anyways. Have a mental plan for champ select, how to deal with not getting your role and champ. To make a long story short you either accept before hand to play a secondary role or dodge. And dodging isn’t that bad after all even if you’re in promos. Here’s why. Dodging a game or you’re placements gives you an imaginary loss as it doesn’t affect your rating. I could explain the rating system but I want to move on to more important points. Basically when you dodge a promotional match you gain more LP (ladder points) on wins to and lose less LP to compensate for the imaginary loss. The only downside to dodging is you’ll have to wait for 5 or 30 minutes for a new game unless you have a second account you have just for these times! This leaves the point that secondary accounts come in really handy if you’ll be dodging unfavorable games and still want a game of league. You can use it to practice your off role or new champions you’d like to add to your ranked roster. If anyone really wants me to post on the LoL rating system, leave a comment and I will make a post later on. So to recap, league’s most obvious secret:

  1. The game starts at champ select: make a plan for champ select and stick to it. Either agree beforehand to work on multiple roles or use the dodge and wait or second account method.
  2. Minimise personal frustration: You know yourself! See the most frustrating parts of champ select or league in general and target that weakness specifically. It might not be about getting your role. Maybe it’s about that roaming enemy top, mid or support. Focus on what annoys you most from game to game and target it specifically

My next post today will be on common LoL myths that keep you from what really matters, winning and improving. After this I’ll get straight to important LoL secrets and eventually to more specific ADC secrets.


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