To upcoming LoL streamers and artist!

Before my next post I just want to quickly mention that if you are an upcoming streamer with a stream schedule, I can place your link on my page with the requirement that I get a shoutout or link on your stream. This will be possible as long as I have space/time and will be much easier if you just add me and message me as I can also come hangout on your stream! IGN: farming farming

Additionally if you have personal artwork that you’d like me to display instead of Riot Games’ Sejuani artwork, be sure to leave a comment, add me or use the contact me page.

Now onto role specific tips starting with a few of my top tips, tricks and thoughts as an ADC main!



LoL Myths

You’re in queue now but you’re wondering how to win the next game for sure, you think about who’s “op” and who you’re good with, so you lock Lucian in hopes to 1v5 carry. You’re really pumped but somehow your game recap looks like this.

Try Hard loss

Why couldn’t my team just do better? It’s impossible to climb with these bad teams I always get. I’m just really unlucky, but I deserve challenger, look at my damage!!

Try Hard loss 2

And yet somehow this doesn’t change the fact that I’ve lost. Am I truly unlucky or is there something else going on here. The reality is that my performance in that game was probably above average for a good part but as they say “mistakes were made”. Turns out upon watching the replay, that the score was 26-26 and we’d just FINALLY got a big break. After forcing the enemy back to base we made a forced baron (on my call) upon which and in a disappointing turn of events, the enemy Xin returned. And just in time… to hit the blast cone and outsmite quite sadly, our elise. Talk about a slow baron! Following us having low hit points from the forced baron, the enemy team returned to clean up and, we actually lost the team fight and soon afterward the game. This is a scenario which happens far too often and leaves carries and team mates pretty upset with each other. The blaming and the reports follow and tilt settles in with thoughts like, “but elise missed smite, that’s not my fault”. A scenario which could be easily prevented if I had actually carried. Analysis of the lost game shows a lot of mistakes made by both sides, but that’s not the issue here. The truth is that I dont, and you wont get team mates doing this badly or worst every single game and what you must focus on as a player is consistency. When you consistently perform well and do OR mitigate damage in a consistently good way you will climb to that elo you wanted with a match history looking something like this.

20 games

Yes I’ve lost 7 games, 6 of which I probably threw but ultimately, in just 20 games you can get from g5 to g4  or on a good day you can climb 2 divisions in just a full days worth of playing. With 2 games a day it’ll take a little longer, but same result.

Myth #1 I can’t climb with bad teams- Anyone can overcome bad teams with consistency and good play. Your team does NOT control your destiny.

Myth #2 I am really unlucky- No! Don’t tell yourself this. With a strong will, focus and direction anyone can “make their own luck”.

Myth #3 Telling people what they did wrong helps them play better in game- No! Don’t do this because a really tilted player will almost inevitably lose you a won game. If you have nothing positive to say, then don’t say anything at all. (This is admittedly hard for me).

Myth #4 You must play perfect to win- NO! Watch some high elo streams and count how many mistakes the streamer and other players in their game make. Everyone makes mistakes even at big championships like the recently concluded MSI! When you get camped and die once, twice or even three times, instead of tilting or flaming your team remember that the game is in no way over, no matter who says it is. Use that LP/mute button. Ever heard of “win lane lose game” or “lose lane win game”? Well it happens every single day all day long. For this reason I will never “FF” at 15 minutes unless we are down a player, in a very unhappy game, and virtually have no chance of winning short of the enemy team giving you a once in a lifetime free win… Also in LoL practice doesn’t make perfect, it’s all about what you practice not how many times you play the champ, I can give many examples, myself  included.

Myth #5 Where you are now on the ladder does not directly relate to how gifted mechanically you are but more so on what you know and how you apply that knowledge. I’ve seen some really good laning partners (supports) at really low elo who just make bad decisions conceptually, flame, tilt or all 3! Other players have a low rank from feeling too afraid to play ranked games. Long story short, don’t focus on the rank of players instead only focus on your performance.

Having addressed what I think I consider the most important myths I leave it to you the reader to comment on some other myths I may have missed but that would make this blog post even more complete. My next post will focus on actual high elo strats and secrets to increase consistency and overall performance to get you to that elo you’ve been dreaming of for weeks! After that I will move on to role specific tricks that will win you even more games. Until then be sure to follow!

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LoL Champion Select

Ok so we all know boosting services help to ruin the league experience by putting inexperienced players among more experienced players. As the boosted player you’re happy the big bucks finally paid off and now you got that sweet new rank and border for the next season, but playing on the account is now pretty scary as you’re doing really badly every game and somehow everyone seems to know you’re boosted. Well that’s why I’m here, to help you get that higher rank yourself. I am primarily a Marksman main but these secrets, some of which may seem obvious are perfectly helpful in any role. So lets hop right into it while you sit in that league game queue!

champion-select-e1496074549181.png So we’re here at champ select. Yes believe it or not the game starts right here. This is a point of frustration for some players trying to focus on a specific role and champ but be very aware that any frustration you feel or cause in champ select will affect you and your team’s focus and performance in game. As a league player one must accept that  you won’t always get your preferred role or champion, and this might seem obvious but needs be mentioned anyways. Have a mental plan for champ select, how to deal with not getting your role and champ. To make a long story short you either accept before hand to play a secondary role or dodge. And dodging isn’t that bad after all even if you’re in promos. Here’s why. Dodging a game or you’re placements gives you an imaginary loss as it doesn’t affect your rating. I could explain the rating system but I want to move on to more important points. Basically when you dodge a promotional match you gain more LP (ladder points) on wins to and lose less LP to compensate for the imaginary loss. The only downside to dodging is you’ll have to wait for 5 or 30 minutes for a new game unless you have a second account you have just for these times! This leaves the point that secondary accounts come in really handy if you’ll be dodging unfavorable games and still want a game of league. You can use it to practice your off role or new champions you’d like to add to your ranked roster. If anyone really wants me to post on the LoL rating system, leave a comment and I will make a post later on. So to recap, league’s most obvious secret:

  1. The game starts at champ select: make a plan for champ select and stick to it. Either agree beforehand to work on multiple roles or use the dodge and wait or second account method.
  2. Minimise personal frustration: You know yourself! See the most frustrating parts of champ select or league in general and target that weakness specifically. It might not be about getting your role. Maybe it’s about that roaming enemy top, mid or support. Focus on what annoys you most from game to game and target it specifically

My next post today will be on common LoL myths that keep you from what really matters, winning and improving. After this I’ll get straight to important LoL secrets and eventually to more specific ADC secrets.