Season 7 Peak Elo

I’m guessing this page is interesting for those of you who want to see where all my dedication put me. My climb is your climb.

So first up I found this graph on for Season 6 putting me up to Diamond 3 before the decay began. “So why am I so bad now?” I’m not, my attitude decayed after the 6 month break. I’m certain I’m better but hasn’t played out that way as yet. My absolute closest to hitting master was Diamond 2 0lp. Nice try I guess.

proof of diamond

Anyways… so this was either around or on my diamond promos earlier this season before I tilted back to 0lp p5 =/. {Happens to the worst of us :^) } That’s a net loss of about 25 games. It’s sad to see here I had jax jungle as i dont play jax ever unless I’m tilted and looking for something new to carry with. I definitely threw this one and wasnt tilted, more like overconfident, my greatest downfall.

a gold among us diamonds

June 2017– ┬áPeak

peak elo june 2015

May 2017- Peak Elo