This blog is all about self improvement and climbing in LoL

Now I started this blog, this year because I’ve been playing a while, and league can get pretty frustrating at times. This is because it’s team oriented game as opposed to the usual 1v1 games we are all accustomed to playing. I wanted to keep track of my personal progress and mental state, as well as help players in the lower ranks find some way to measure their own performance and mental state. I really wanted a way for players of any elo looking for advice to be able to get good free advice and be able to work on self improvement as well as have someone to talk to. The aim here is also to give me the opportunity to meet dedicated players looking for serious duo-q sessions. But hold up, I’m not promising to boost anyone for that new end of season border, and definitely not promising you I’ll duo with anyone. I’m also not promising that you’ll win every single game just from skimming through my blog. Truth is, league is hard work! What I can assure you however, is that it will help you to improve. Just by going through some of my ideas, you’ll end up thinking more like a gamer and less like someone who plays games, more like an athlete who puts in work and expects to see results. So yes, it will help you. It’s also free of charge and free of the annoying popups people usually use to make cash. It’ll get you one step closer to that cool Diamond border you’ve always wanted and when there, you’ll be dreaming of the final push to Master tier. You will be less likely to focus on that underperforming team mate and you’ll also finally thank riot for the chat mute and ping mute buttons and begin using them more efficiently. So just chill a bit, sit back and skim through the pages in queue, before bed or during that commute. Look for those things which are interesting and relate to your climb and consider the solutions I offer to overcome them. You’ll find yourself waiting to try out my strategies, your tilt vanishing, and that playing league will suddenly become a new challenge. You’ll find yourself more focused, back to climbing, and well within reach of that shiny new border or LCS dream! Just where you should be! Now it’s time to show your friends why you deserve challenger!

Best of luck on the fields of justice!

xLIFT Redsaturn