Alienware Sale Specs and Review

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Dell Alienware Laptop Review and Specs

GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080

CPU: Intel I7 8720 HK

Storage: 256GB SSD (OS + League)  & 1 TB Hard Drive

Memory: 32 GB

I was aiming for a desktop replacement with little to no bottleneck and this was my best option. I was hoping that heat generation wasn’t going to be an issue but was confused as to how that would be possible with all of the included power. Turns out that this piece was incredibly well designed and the laptop to go to if you want to stream worry free. Due to being overly cautious however and with good reason, I always use the laptop with with the back elevated. I actually use a external fan mount for additional heat dissipation. I highly recommend this.

Working with computers all day every day. I can truly appreciate the technology in this build.

And it also looks good.

Alienware 17 r4


I’ve been trying out the Tobi eye tracking software for a few hours and I must say it’s rather neat but probably needs a bit more fine tuning as a technology to be truly useful. It’s really annoying to use together with the mouse unless you’ve a problem moving a mouse. I’d say Tobi is about 90% accurate based on the Gaze Trace but that 10% goes a long way for looking at tiny things. The calibration system is too simplistic imo but all aside a great laptop and a great computer. As an ultra power user this will be just sufficient until I can get my hands on the Alienware Area-51 Threadripper desktop or better. I need to see true power.

This is an unpaid and unbiased review of an Alienware 17 custom build.